Fixed Cost Preventive Medical Care

The best approach to your health is what is known as preventive medicine. This is the type of medical practice that can be done in conjunction with your normal medical care to actually prevent you from getting various health problems in the first place.

A big part of this is hormone balance and control. You would probably be surprised at how much hormones are involved in you having good health. It is a major player and all people experience a decrease in sex and growth hormones as they age.

The type of services you really need to best use preventive medicine are medical concierge services. This is the type of service that works along with your doctor to provide hormonal testing and other preventive medical treatments to prevent you from developing problems that are associated with aging.

medical concierge services

In order to get this kind of care, it would normally cost you thousands of dollars a year to go to a longevity medicine physician and to pay for all the specialty compounded pharmaceuticals that will be needed to help you maintain proper hormone balance and prevention of disease.

Now there are services available at a fixed rate per year so that you can be guaranteed all the care that you need for an entire year. This means that you will know exactly what to expect and you will always be able to afford the costs since it is prepaid.

Now real weight loss and a healthy metabolism can be yours. Your mood will be better and so will your sex drive and overall stamina. Be sure to get your hormones checked as soon as possible and consider using organized preventive medicine to better your life.

This is a very wise move for your health and your future. Not only will you lead a longer life, you will lead a healthier, happier one as well.